Sunday, March 18, 2012

Freebie Antique Birds for Mixed Media - Downloadable..

I have this little obsession with birds. :)  I wonder if anyone else does?  For me they symbolize several things. First, they remind me of my truth teller... the spirit that whispers truth to me, that I follow to stay centered and on my path. The birds also represent freedom, and having the courage to soar.  

I made these little guys and they are a printable sheet.  Please feel free to share the love. The sheet has over 15 birds on it.  They look great printed on different types of paper and used with mixed media pieces. 
Sending You Much love....  Spread Your Wings and Fly...

Click here to access full file on Etsy


Marci said...

thank you for the download...i love it!!

Nancy said...

I wish Blogger had "like" buttons like facebook does... but you would need "LOVE" buttons because I LOVE this! Thank you for the freebie. :)