Campaign Love

What is Campaign Love?

Campaign Love hopes to spread love paying it forward to all beings on this earth. Campaign Love believes that love is always the answer. Love saves, love heals, and love helps us grow. Love promotes peace, and has the capacity to change the world.

I began this project in January 2013.  I was going through an extremely hard time with someone I love dearly.  I was so hurt, I wanted to hurt them back as much as I was hurting, but when I began praying about how to help myself, I heard the words...  "Just Love More:.

I started making these truth cards and passing them out to everyone I knew as a way of starting to share more love with the world.   I have been giving them out where ever I can  to strangers, clerks, neighbors, friends and loved ones.  The idea is to share and pass positive words of wisdom and love.  Then came a request that others wanted to participate.  :)  Thus Campaign love was born.

How Can I Be the Change?  Want to Share the love too?  

1. One simple way to help promote Campaign Love is to like it on facebook and share it with friends.  You can do that here: Campaign Love on Facebook.  

2. Make your own truth cards to spread the love.  They are are being made by those wishing to participate in a 2.5x3.5 size and I have offered many free things to download to print and create your own.  Most Files available as an easy printable pdf, jpeg or png. If you want a specific file email me at

Download Zip File of Campaign Love Basics Here

Printable Valentine Words of Wisdom Cards and Templates:
Vintage Valentines
Valentine Hearts
Green Printable Words of Wisdom Card Page
Printable Backgrounds for Valentine Words of Wisdom Cards
Dear Loved Ones Printable
Words of Wisdom Random Printable Page 01
Words of Wisdom Random Printable Page 02
Campaign Love Full Page of Logos for back of Cards

Words of Wisdom  Printable Quotes Monday
Words of Wisdom Collection January 2013 - Zip File
Email me at to have access to my sugar sync folder that contains all available Words of Wisdom Documents

Add a small logo to your website :

 ( Email me at to request a link to download all available Printables to create Campaign Love Truth Cards.. You will be sent an invitation to download from my sugar sync file. You will be updated when ever it is updated.)

3. Another idea is to buy Valentines from the store.... and add your own sayings... 

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