Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Courage To Change Tag Set! and a Freebie Share

Here is one of a few things I sat down to create this week to go with some of the art soul work I have been doing...
I apologize because the copyright changes the look slightly.  Here are some closeups as they are quite ornate.


I also have a listing for these tags that are blank and customize able by you in my shop, or for a small fee I can add any saying to the tags.

xoxo Mikel

Please feel free to snag one of the following Freebies of the tags... right click and save as.
Please Click Here to Download Your Freebie


patrice said...

Oh- how happy I am to see your creative heart soaring!!! I love all of your creations.
What a honor to be just a very small part in helping you finding that you have no excuses for moving forward!
You are more than ready!!! You are such a beautiful and soulful mamma!!! I adore you. Keep soaring sweet brave girl. I am in awe of your wings!

Marci said...

that is so awesome you got to go! it's on my list of things i need to do. your art is amazing and you should follow your dreams!!