Saturday, December 29, 2012


I was inspired to create this painting for friend for Christmas.  It is so symbolic and timely for me.

Double Click to Enlarge Painting to see Detail.

I have been struggling to define what my style is.. as it has gradually been expanding.  I will be listing prints of this one on my etsy site soon.  I love to create individual pieces for people often, I create them as a way for them to affirm changes that they are making in their lives.  My friend has this hanging in her home, and its nice because she can look at it, and know what it means symbolically but others might just see the beauty.

Thanks for Stopping by.  I would love your thoughts. 

Love Ya.



Jo Byrne said...

This is truly beautiful Mikel, the way you put colours together within the patterns is amazing. I love your blog and work. I too have had a lot of changes over the last two years, so I can understand where this is coming from.Thanks for sharing.
Kind regards
Jo x

Coreena said...

This is SO beautiful Mikel!!! I just love it.

Sending love

Linda said...

Simply LOVE this painting!! Thanks for sharing it. Happy New Year, Mikel.

Maria said...

I know I told you already, but this is so beautiful. Such deep meaning-LOVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning and obviously created from the heart.

Michelle E xx