Saturday, April 2, 2011

Family Establishment Signs

Hello All... I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth the past year and a half. :) I have spent the past year healing, and coming to terms with the reality of my health and the beautiful blessings life can bring.

I have been really inspired this past spring. It is wonderful to know there are other women and other artists who share such similar journey's. I feel connected to you all even if we havent met... yet :).

I have been playing around again and seemed to revive my love of photoshop, that program has such endless possibilities. It takes so much longer for me to get things done it can be frustrating, but it feels good to begin to explore again. I made this for my daughter and her husband.

I made this one for my husband and I..... I framed mine in a antique blace frame and it looks awesome over my bed.

I love to make personalized things like this... and I hope to continue to have the stamina to keep updating. much love..xoxo Mikel

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